Hydraulic Power Scissor Lift

In order to load or unload heavy objects to and from the truck, it is best to use a hydraulic power scissor lift. It can be utilized in outdoors areas as well, for instance ports and docks.

Hydraulic Lifting Table

Material can be smoothly held, raised, lowered and adjusted to desired height using a hydraulic lifting tablet. The platform of this lifting table is strong and rigid. The scissor legs of this lifting tablet are driven hydraulically.

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

Large palletized goods can be moved on floor from one location to another in a store or warehouse using this hydraulic hand pallet truck. The pallets held in the warehouse can also moved to the lorry with this equipment easily.

Hydraulic Stacker

A load of 500kgs to 2ton can be easily raised and lowered to a certain height with this hydraulic stacker that operates using a reliable hydraulic system. It can also be used to stack several pellets.

Chain Pulley Block

A chain pully block is designed for easily raising and lowering loads. The operation of this device is noise free. Customers can choose between the electric and hydraulic versions of this equipment.


Drum Carrier

Drum carrier is a manually driven material handling equipment that can move drum and barrel from one location to another. Whether empty or full, the drum can be easily carried to desired location.

Hydraulic Floor Jib Crane

A hydraulic floor JIB crane with a hydraulic lifting system can lift and lower heavy loads. This manoeuvrable crane is sturdy and robust enough to shift heavy loads.

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